Birth and Doula from Ancient time…

Birth images from Ancient time ….

Filipino woman  (cred: Alicdang of Sagada)


Birth statue from The Kraja people of Amazon

Birth statue from the Kraja people of the Amazon)

aztec statue squatting.jpg
Aztec statue squatting

The position in which we give birth is very influenced by our cultural conditioning. But when we truly listen to our bodies’ instinctive needs, we often naturally assume the position that is needed most for that particular birth.
On the other hand, sometimes we need encouragement to try a different position in labor or birth, and a doula  can be a wonderful source of ideas and inspiration for this.


About Sylvie Doula

Welcome to my website! I’m Sylvie Renard-Hermodsson, mother of two boys, wife and doula. I am french with 32 years in Sweden ! I just love the adventure called birth and, as a doula, I wish to contribute so that your needs are respected and fulfilled.  I offer a diversity of services in a flexible manner in order to help you make informed decisions throughout maternity and newborn care and to provide support, information and presence adapted to your needs. I have been interested in the childbearing year since 2012. I’m both passionate by the intimate aspect of birth as the social issues touching women’s right. My role is to serve your family in line with your needs: transferring knowledge and tools to increase your confidence towards your birth, offering continuous emotional support, favoring the active implication of your partner during labor, help with pain management, advocate for your wishes and your rights. By providing consistent, comprehensive, balanced and reliable information, our meetings will foster autonomy and informed choices throughout your childbearing year. By setting the basis for an equal and non-judgmental relationship, I help create a trustful, harmonious and loving environment.

  • Member of French National Education
  • Member of ODIS board (organisation doulas i Sverige )
  • Certified Doula ODIS and FUR (Föda Utan Rädsla )
  • Professional training in Prenatal Singing activities  (Psychophonie)My Doula care service includes 3 prenatal meetings (3 x 60 minutes) in the comfort of your house or mine, call services from week 38, continuous labor and birth support at the location you choose to give birth and 1 postnatal meeting . Prenatal meetings include childbirth education classes, discussions and teaching of pain management techniques. Postnatal meeting includes breastfeeding support, postnatal information and tips of postnatal perineum exercices.
  • F-skatt. / 7000 sek all inclusive